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The Ranch Fly Trap 2.0 - Trap & Bait Bundles

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The Ranch Fly Trap 2.0 - Trap & Bait Bundles.

Get your animals and your property set for summer with value-packed bundles full of enough traps and bait to take down swarms of flies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Traps is ok

The trap is ok, the bait packs I received had no smell. The customer service people are very responsive, but I had to use cat food and beer to get the traps to attract flies. Don’t know why they bother sending the bait packs if they don’t work. Just tell people right up front what to put in as attractant. Now that I’ve baited it they are working ok.

Bradley S Heath
Traps seem ok.

The plastic bags all leaked.

Jessie Hess
Sadly not working

We put our Ranch Fly Traps out two days ago and haven't caught one fly in any of the 4.

Gary Smith

The Ranch Fly Trap 2.0 - Trap & Bait Bundles

Rebecca Palmer
Not as happy as I thought I would be

I have two of the traps up and so far hasn't caught any flies at all. I use them inside my duck coop run and my chicken coop run. I'm a little disappointed. We put one of each style trap up. And both are completely empty of flies and they are still flying all over.