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Net Trap & Bait

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The Ultimate Solution For Fly Issues On & Around Your Horse Is FINALLY Here!

As a horse owner, you are responsible for the happiness and wellbeing of your beloved Mare or Stallion. You'd take action if flies were swarming your own personal living space in the numbers that they do, so it's certainly not fair if you continue to let them bother your horse, agree?

Join the Thousands of horse owners we've helped combat their fly issues today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susan Dowdy
So far so good

I put it up about 2 weeks ago, and there are flies all in it, and very few flies by my chicken coop.

Clint Davis

We've been fighting flies for 7 years ever since we got our horse and have tried numerous fly traps. This one works. We are amazed at how quickly it is trapping all size of flies as well as moths. We have it hanging just outside the pasture fence about waist high and it is a fly magnet!

Dana Quick

These traps are amazing! My husband told me today we needed a few more!