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Laura Ferguson
Wonderful system

Flies are already relentless in Arizona and it's not even peak fly season but I'm catching flies like no tomorrow!

Jane H

Had mine up no more than 5 days, here's the progress so far

Very grateful animals this year

Mareen Hoens
Fly trap

Out of all the flytraps I think the disposable one is my favorite. It’s is so easy to use, set up, and dispose. No rinsing or cleaning or touching the fly bait.

I took me less than 2 minutes to put it in place and it works great.

Awesome Trap

When I got the traps in my first thought was to get one over to my chicken coops. Boy was that a smart move because day 1 it started filling up and by day 5 it had out performed 2 of the ones I bought from one of the major retailers that starts with a W. I plan to put these all over the farm in spots that I do not have other Ranch Fly Traps. These would be great to put out when you plan to have a party or get together that way they can get filled during and the days before/after then throw out.

Best fly trap I have ever had

I was skeptical at first about ordering something from a Facebook ad but decided to give it a shot. So far the barrel trap has caught more in 1 week than others did in probably a year. The net traps are also out performing the other traps I have used near the animals. I definitely plan to buy more to see how much I can cut back on the flies near the animals and the barn.